Our Brand

We create comfort, clarity and peace of mind for those coming to start a new life in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Start Brand Attributes

Nova Scotia Start's brand attribute is comprised of three pillars—preparation, familiarization and connection. These brand attributes act like personality traits for the brand, characterizing your brand without looking at it.

Our tone–credible, compassionate, friendly, zestful–help bring these characteristics to life through the copy and design we create.



We provide support and information to ensure you arrived prepared. We do this through one-on-one consultations to understand your unique needs and settlement goals. After this consultation, a pre-arrival plan is created to identify the services and programs you can take to support your journey.



We support you with information and personalized guidance to provide you with valuable resources to support your settlement journey. We do this through providing comprehensive settlement resources for obtaining things such as health cards and banking information. We orientate you to life in Canada and specifically Nova Scotia, your new home.



We provide you a human connection throughout your settlement journey. Our Nova Scotia Start settlement services provide you a human touch through working directly with our staff to facilitate your settlement journey. We engage not only you but your whole family to uniquely tailor a plan with them in mind.

Nova Scotia Start Colours

Nova Scotia Start is comprised of four core colours—Red, Blue, Green, and Orange. Each of these core colours have a complimentary version that is used as part of the design elements.

Red One

Pantone 032 C
CMYK: C:0 M:93 Y:76 K:0
RGB: R:242 G:56 B:56
Hex #F23838

Blue One

Pantone 311 C
CMYK: C:63 M:8 Y:0 K:0
RGB: R:0 G:189 B:255
Hex #00BDFF

Green One

Pantone 2271 C
CMYK: C:77 M:0 Y:100 K:0
RGB: R:44 G:179 B:74
Hex #2CB34A

Red Two

Pantone 2350 C
CMYK: C:19 M:95 Y:95 K:8
RGB: R:186 G:47 B:229
Hex #BA2F1D

Blue Two

Pantone 304 C
CMYK: C:35 M:0 Y:2 K:0
RGB: R:133 G:238 B:255
Hex #85EEFF

Green Two

Pantone 2272 C
CMYK: C:100 M:12 Y:100 K:3
RGB: R:0 G:147 B:75
Hex #00934B


Pantone 1495 C
CMYK: C:0 M:49 Y:96 K:0
RGB: R:255 G:141 B:16
Hex #FF8D10


Pantone 122 C
CMYK: C:0 M:15 Y:80 K:0
RGB: R:255 G:213 B:80
Hex #85EEFF


Nova Scotia Start core logo is comprised of 7 square icons—Ocean, Sun, Whale, Sail, Lobster, Landscape, Lighthouse. As Canada's Ocean Playground, these icons represent different aspects of the life that newcomers to the province can expect to experience.

These icons can be used as part of the logo or as design elements to create interesting layouts or visuals.

Do not create additional icons. If additional icons are required, please contact the ISANS Communications Team at communications@isans.ca















Icon Block


Nova Scotia Start Logo

The Nova Scotia Start logo comprises of two core elements, a wordmark and 7 icons. There is both an English and French version of this logo. This logo only appears in colour and does not have a white or black reverse version

Where space is limited or a reverse version is required, the Nova Scotia Start wordmark can be used separately as a stacked logo element. This version includes a full colour along with reverse versions in white, grayscale and black.

Primary Logo


Wordmark Logo


Nova Scotia Start Logo Clear Space

For the Nova Scotia Start logo to have impact, it must not be cluttered or crowded. To achieve this, a minimum amount of protection space must be maintained around the logo.

In the diagram below, grey indicates protection space. This area must be kept free of other elements.

The minimum required protection space is defined by the width one of the icons from the logo.


Nova Scotia Start Brand Assets

Nova Scotia Start's brand includes a number of templates that can be used to brand materials.

The current list of branded materials include:

  • Email Signature
  • E-Newsletter Template
  • Letterhead
  • Postcards
  • PowerPoint Template
  • Word Document Template