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Nova Scotia Start provides you the earliest opportunity to create a customized settlement plan meeting you, and your families unique settlement needs.

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Nova Scotia Start provides comfort, clarity and peace of mind for immigrants outside of Canada, who have been nominated or received endorsement by Nova Scotia (PNP). Through Nova Scotia Start you will receive a personalised settlement plan for starting a new life in Nova Scotia.



We provide support and information to ensure you arrived prepared. We do this through one-on-one consultations to understand your unique needs and settlement goals. After this consultation, a pre-arrival plan is created to identify the services and programs you can take to support your journey.



We support you with information and personalized guidance to provide you with valuable resources to support your settlement journey. We do this through providing comprehensive settlement resources for obtaining things such as health cards and banking information. We orientate you to life in Canada and specifically Nova Scotia, your new home.



We provide you a human connection throughout your settlement journey. Our Nova Scotia Start settlement services provide you a human touch through working directly with our staff to facilitate your settlement journey. We engage not only you but your whole family to uniquely tailor a plan with them in mind.

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Our Programs

Settlement Orientation

Giving you peace of mind on your settlement journey


Finding Employment

Have the right tools and approach to land that job you desire on arrival

Starting a Business

Be your own boss and start a business in Nova Scotia.


Learn English

Brush up on your then and than with our classes aimed at your English language goals.

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